One of the farmers on Food Orbit
One of the farmers on Food Orbit

Grow your network

We promote your business online to help you connect with hundreds of buyers and sellers directly to expand your networks.

Save Time

There is no quicker way to buy and sell locally sourced food direct with responsible farmers.

Support your local farmer

Build relationships directly with your local farmer and producer giving you complete transparency.

Great concept, which I think is terrific, and logical, and essential.
Jill Dupleix
Editor Sydney Morning Herald
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Meet Some of our producers

It's an exciting new opportunity to source fresh produce direct from farmers. Food Orbit can help us supply our fresh produce to more customers, and also believe that it will strengthen our existing business relationships.
It's great, it makes buying locally sourced produce easy, it's exciting to work so closely with the farmers, especially when you can list the first and last names of every producer used in your cooking.
Tom Walton. The Bucket List
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What's with the hesitation?

It takes great farmers and great chefs to lead the way in changing the food system, for the better.

Join us in making that difference.