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Chasing invoices is a thing of the past. Food Orbit uses credit card payments and bank to bank transfers to ensure you get paid quickly. We know how hard it can be keeping track of accounts, so we look after all of that by handling the payment flow from beginning to end.

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We're aware that farmers/producers and wholesale buyers have different schedules. Farmers are up early whilst chefs work late and it's hard to conduct business on the phone, fax and email. Food Orbit displays real time information that allows you to receive orders when it suits you. Sellers manage inventory lists online, allowing buyers to search, connect and buy at any time of day.

Meet some of our producers

Field to Feast

Cath and Hapi

Field to Feast; an eight acre chemical-free farm in Catherine Fields, in it's sixth year producing vegetables and herbs, believe food should taste good and be good for you, regardless of how it looks. They specialise in growing heirloom varieties as well as some more unusual types which gets the savvy chef rather excited. Their small but productive plot supports an incredible 120 different varieties of vegetables and herbs! One thing you're sure to notice about the produce is the colour! Everything is handpicked the day before and all produce is straight out of the ground, and picked to order. Field to Feast have a team of 6 pickers plus Hapi working all day long to bring you the best.

Melanda Park

Matt and Sue

A marriage of breeds all come together to produce a pig that is well suited to the free range environment yet at the same time producing exceptional pork for today's market. Generally sows with their roots coming from heritage breeds are mated with musclier leaner boars to produce a white pig with just a little more fat than normal, keeping the meat moist and full of flavour when cooked. All our pigs are born, raised and kept their entire lives out doors in the free range environment, where they are free to exhibit natural behaviour's like rooting, wallowing and interacting with other pigs. They are pasture raised, meaning they have access to pasture 365 days a year and opportunity to indulge in the finer flavours of life like organic potatoes and grubs they dig up.

Pepe Saya

Made from 100% Australian cream, fresh from a local farm: Country Valley Dairy in Picton, delivered straight to the doors of the factory. It is cultured over a two-week period, churned and then shaped by the hardworking and loving hands of Pepe Sayas passionate team. With a gold and silver medal and trophy award presented by the Royal Melbourne Show and HACCP certification and NSW Dairy licence, the butter is top grade not just in production but also in texture, flavour and appearance.

What's with the hesitation?

It takes great farmers and great chefs to lead the way in changing the food system, for the better.

Join us in making that difference.