About Food Orbit

Creating a sustainable and transparent food system for everyone.

Creating a Sustainable Future


Every month, 294 farmers leave farming for good


The number of Australian farms has reduced by 19,700 or 11% over the last 5 years


Two companies control more than 80% of food sales in Australia

Food Orbit was started to support our Rockstar farmers!

Consumers are quite rightly getting more inquisitive about where their food comes from and how it was grown or raised. Conscious decisions can only be made when given the right information about their food and that is what we aim to do.

Chefs are passionate about supporting local farmers and building direct relationships and in turn helping consumers understand what they eat and where their food comes from.

Small to medium sized family farms are struggling and Food Orbit is here to support these farmers and producers whilst providing a transparent food system for everyone.

When you eat out at a Food Orbit restaurant, you are indirectly supporting each and every one of these farmers and producers.

Check out some of our chef profiles to see why they think it's important to get high quality, local produce direct from the farm and check out the profiles of the farmers that they buy from.

Our Team

James Nathan

Ceo & Founder

James grew up in London, qualified as a management accountant before working across Sales, Marketing and Finance at blue chip companies in the UK, Germany and Australia.

Over the years, various influences transformed him from being a fussy eater to loving everything about food, eating it, sourcing it and cooking it. So, leaving the office of his day job, he put on his chef whites and went to work in some of London's best restaurants at nights and weekends for free to follow his passion in food.

When he moved to Australia, he was blown away by the quality of the local produce but shocked to see how local farmers were struggling and how hard it was for chefs to source directly.

After talking to many farmers and chefs and understanding the problems they faced, Food Orbit was born.

Melissa Foster


Melissa's background is within the Marketing and Editorial areas, most recently at the Yahoo!7 where she headed up the Editorial team for Spreets.com

In 2012 Melissa left Spreets to travel through Europe, South and Central America and volunteered in Guatemala for some time. Going back to basics and living and eating like the locals was a humbling and eye-opening experience that ignited her passion for sustainable and healthy living.

Not satisfied with our food system, Melissa set out to start her own start-up focused in this area that ultimately resulted in her joining forces with the Food Orbit team.

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin

BlueChilli CEO

Sebastien launched BlueChilli in 2010, having grown frustrated by what he viewed as an economy in need of investment into ventures outside the mining sector. Through his revolutionary venture technology concept, Sebastien has redesigned the business model for the early stage investment and development of technology start-ups with the goal of investing in 100 startups by 2016.

Jeremy Paddison

Bluechilli CTO

With over 30 years experience in programming and with a number of awards under his belt, Jeremy Paddison is one of Australia's best developers. Paddison started out with a Commodore Vic20, moving to the Dick Smith, vz300, Amstrad and then worked on computer game development with the Amiga platform and finally on PC, experience which somewhat aided him to win state Nintendo champion in 1991.

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What's with the hesitation?

It takes great farmers and great chefs to lead the way in changing the food system, for the better.

Join us in making that difference.