Loving Colin’s work @fourinhand with the beef and bone dish at 4Fourteen…

Arthur Potts Dawson: A vision for sustainable restaurants

An inspiration for chefs and restaurants around the world - Chef and Restaurateur, Arthur Potts Dawson is creating one sustainable restaurant at a time in London

Small dairy co-op doing big things - Agriculture - Cattle - Dairy - The Land ]

Australian Farmers Getting Creative

In the wake of the $1 milk campaigns by Coles and Woolies, Australian Dairy Farmers have struggled to come out on top. Millions of Australian consumers were led to believe that it was normal to buy a litre of milk for a fraction of the price it cost to produce it due to well funded and misleading campaigns by the majors. Whilst this has resulted in tough times for some Australian Dairy Farmers, some have taken the opportunity to get creative and explore new ways of selling their produce at a fairer price - here’s one of them….http://ow.ly/ldVP5

First Local Produce Dinner

What a impressive start to the Local Produce Dinner series. On Wednesday night The Bucket List Bondi was host to over 60 guests who all enjoyed a night full of good food, good wine, and great company. It was an evening that brought together those that are eager to see a movement happen in regards to eating locally and sustainably farmed foods, from restauranteurs including Jared Ingersoll to author of “I Quit Sugar" Sarah Wilson.

“It’s amazing how many people don’t stop to think about where the food they consume comes. This is the way food is meant to be eaten - fresh, direct from the source, and served without the pretence”, Alex Adams from Secret Foodies.

The Buck List’s Head Chef, Tom Walton cooked up a delicious yet humble four course feast that was all about sharing. For Tom it was the grass fed lamb from Paddock to Plate that was the star of the show, marinated in Pepe Saya butter milk and served with golden roasted Southern Highlands Gourmet Potatoes. My personal favourite was the Heirloom apple and hazelnut crumble. Made using apples from Mr Apples in Batlow, Fourjay Farms hazelnuts and served with lavender and creme fraiche ice cream presented in a super cute glass jar. 

And lets not forget the beverages. The very unique Young Henrys brew went down a little bit too easy for some, and Tertini Wines’ 2006 Crossroads Riesling and their 2008 Pinot Noir were an absolute treat. There were however a number of other amazing producers that supplied the event with their stand out creations, all of which have been listed in some more detail below including which markets you can get along to to purchase their goodies!

A big thank you to everyone that made the event happen and for those that joined us for the first Local Produce Dinner of the series. Come down and join us for the second dinner in the series being held on 5th June at 7pm @ The Bucket List. Bookings on 02 9365 4122 or [email protected]

Photography by Kendal Walton


*Pepe Saya Cultured Butter – Picton/Sydney NSW– Pierre

Harris Farm, Eveleigh markets, Pepesaya.com.au

*Mr Apples – Batlow– Peter

Eveleigh Farmers Market – Every Saturday

*Black lip Abalone- ATSSU Divers–South Coast NSW– Ryan

Joto Fresh Fish

*Scarlett Grove Olive Oil – Southern highlands – Susan

Gold Winner South Australian Olive Oil Awards– scarlettgrove.com.au

*Portland Free Range Eggs – Portland – Yvonne

Bondi Junction Farmers Market – Wed, Thurs, Fri

*Highland Organics - Organic Milk – Moss Vale – Louisa

Eveleigh Farmers Market – Every Saturday

*Willowbrae Chevre - Goats curd – Wilberforce – Karen

Eveleigh Farmers Market – Every Saturday

*The Urban Beehive – Honey – Bondi – hives across Sydney – Doug

Sydney Sustainable Markets – Every Saturday

*Field to feast Organic Veg – Catherine Field – Cath & Hapi

Bondi Beach Farmers Market – Every Saturday

*The Organic Mushroom Company – Glenbrook – John

EQ farmers markets, Eveleigh farmers markets

*Southern Highlands Gourmet Potatoes – Norm & Robyn

Eveleigh Farmers Markets – Every Saturday

*Paddock to plate – Hawkesbury lamb – Alastair

Castle Hill Markets- 2nd and 4th Saturday

*Fourjay Farms - Hazelnuts – Orange – Basil & Jean

Orange Farmers Market – 2nd Saturday

*The Farm Gate by Nashdale Fruit Co – Orange – Beau & Katie

Marrickville Organic Food & Farmers Market – Every Sunday


*Young Henrys Brewery – Newtown – Oscar

Younghenrys.com – [email protected] – 0406534783

*Tertini Wines – Southern Highlands – Craig

Tertiniwines.com.au – 02 4878 5213

*Beloka Sparkling Water - Kosciuszko National Park – Vanessa

Belokawater.com.au – 0416 702 100

Looking like a farmers market in @thebucketlistbondi for tonight’s #localproduce dinner, love it!

The guys from @younghenrys dropping off some awesome beer for tonight’s #localproduce dinner @thebucketlistbondi

Check out these awesome organic potatoes in tonight’s #localproduce dinner from Norm & Robyn Southern Highlands

Sunset meetings in Bondi aren’t all that bad…

What does your morning eggs look like? These are the best free range eggs!

No Saturday is complete without a trip to @bondifarmers #farmersmarket (at Bondi Farmers Market)