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New local farmers & producers to the marketplace

Check out what’s new in the Food Orbit marketplace this week!

Darling Mills Farm

Growing premium quality vegetables, herbs, micro herbs and edible flowers for some of Sydney’s top restaurants

Trunkey Bacon and Pork

Beautiful free range bacon and pork products

Murray View Organics

Selling certified organic dried fruits - perfect for baking!

Orangeville Pastoral

Producing amazing Australian White Lamb bought whole and cut down into primals
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Meet the Farmer: Field to Feast

The Farmer’s Wife gives us the low down on their chemical free produce and staying healthy with green smoothies!

How and when did Field to Feast begin?

About 7 years ago when Hapi was running a security company, Sydney nightlife became more violent. After one too many nights where guards were being shot, we decided there had to be a less violent way to make money. By chance we found some land for lease at a reasonable rent and Hapi decided to go back to his farming ways. We had no grand plan, except to grow good produce for us and our family. It could be said that the business found us!

What do you enjoy the most about market days?

Chatting with our customers. We love especially when our customers have a ‘wow’ experience eating our produce and make a point of coming back to share their excitement.

Tell us about your farming techniques that make your produce so unique?

Hapi spent the early years of his life farming alongside his father in Tonga where there is no irrigation, no chemicals, lots of hard work and no machinery. He’s brought all of this experience to our farm in Catherine Field which is one of the driest areas of Sydney and successfully grows organically without the use of any manufactured inputs or chemicals – and without irrigation!

What’s Field to Feast specialty?

Our greens and herbs. Without irrigation plants take a little longer to grow, and our belief is that this allows the plants to grow stronger and sweeter.

If you weren’t a farmer (or farmer’s wife), what would you be?

Ahh…well there’s the thing…it’s in our blood to grow and eat good produce. There will never be a time when we aren’t farmers!

What’s your favourite season and why?

The seasons bring variety to the year, so there isn’t really a clear favourite. Summer is the hardest, and most tiring for us which works out well as most other farmers love to farm in the warmer months and not the cold.

What are you famous for doing amongst your friends? 

Our friends are always inspired by the way we create new ideas and businesses. We’ve just taken on a property in Tonga which we are now leasing out as a guest house, and have grand plans of developing a farm/garden there as well so that tourists can experience the traditional Tongan way of life. 

Favourite recipe that uses your produce

We always start our days with green smoothies for good health.

Our favourite green smoothie blends use 1/3 greens, 1/3 fruit and 1/3 water - the perfect start to the day!

What markets do you frequent and how can we find you?

At the moment we are focusing on Bondi Farmers Market, and our wholesale deliveries only.

Field to Feast are also one of the local producers set up to trade directly with chefs and restaurateurs online at

Field to Feast