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We promised to pass it on last week so here it is! LOCAL is BETTER: better for our farmers, better for our economy, better for health, better for our environment…the list goes on!

And its our responsibility to pass this knowledge on, so spread the word fair foodie friends

Fair Food Week - The Fed Square Locavored Series Event

We were honoured to be a part of the Locavored Edition Series event at Fed Square for Fair Food Week, it’s not every day you get the opportunity to be in a room full of such inspiring people!

We talked food waste, farming and food and what we can all do to make a difference. As Costa put it, the night was all about looking at ways we could “focus our ideas to make a change”.

We talked about our real heroes, the farmers, and what we can do to encourage the average consumer (who thinks the only way to buy corn is wrapped in plastic on a black polystyrene tray) to better support their local farmers. So at the end or the night the message was to “pass it on”, pass on the knowledge and understanding of everyone in the room to friends family and loved ones, and encourage them to pass it on too.

All in all, the night was an empowering collaboration of inspiring people and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who left feeling like we could change the world!

Until next time fellow fair foodies!


Award Winning Chef puts local potato farmer high on the Bucket List

Food Orbit is Australia’s first online platform enabling local farmers and producers to connect and trade directly with chefs and restaurateurs.  By shortening the supply chain Food Orbit is providing fairer prices for farmers and greater transparency of produce quality for chefs.

Local Sydney farmers Norm & Robyn from Highland Gourmet Potatoes are reaping the benefits of selling directly to award winning Chef, Tom Walton of The Bucket List Bondi, using the new online service Food Orbit.

For Norm and Robyn it’s always a juggling act between tending to their the farm, trading at their stores at Eveleigh and Pyrmont Farmers Markets on the weekends, and checking in on their honesty stall close to their farm in the Southern Highlands. Their story, which many other Australian farmers can relate to, has made growing their business quite challenging. Being able to connect and trade with wholesale customers directly through Food Orbit has helped them grow their business and created more opportunities to work with top chefs in their area.

Highland Gourmet Potatoes have 37 different varieties of potatoes, which Walton features in a number of his dishes. There’s the delicious potato gnocchi served with braised beef short rib, and the Sunday Roast using the baby ‘mixed roast’ varieties with whole split heads of garlic, thyme and olive oil. 

“Dealing directly with the chefs without the usual hassle of invoicing and payments is great. It means we can receive more large orders of 20kg, 40kg or 60kg of potatoes per order which is much better for our business” Norm, Highland Gourmet Potatoes

For Chef Walton, he’s always had a strong passion for knowing and supporting farmers and using quality produce he can source locally. He has been running a series of Local Produce Dinners where he showcases Highland Gourmet’s Potatoes and a number of other local farmers and producers.

“I’ve already been trying to source local produce at the Bucket List Bondi however this has made it a lot easier - having one centralized platform where I can search by product and location has saved me a lot of time” Tom Walton, Head Chef at The Bucket List Bondi

Food Orbit is getting ready to launch its trading platform in Sydney in the coming weeks. They already have local farmers and producers such as Pepe Saya, Field to Feast, and Melanda Park on board, and some of Sydney’s top chefs like Tom Walton from The Bucket List Bondi, Shannon, Darren and Mark from The Three Blue Ducks, and James Viles from Biota Dining.

Food Orbit’s online marketplace is available 24 hours a day for buyers and sellers to join and start trading with each other

Support our local farmers and shop at your local farmers market this weekend